Stairs for Maggie’s new window seat

I only needed a couple steps to get Maggie up to the new ottoman.  I’ve made her stairs before.  How I do it is really simple..  I get small DVD milk crates from walmart.  They are about 1 ish each and tether them together like this.

tether the crates together with plastic straps.

Once you get the crates put together you need to pad them.  I use quilting batting to make soft steps for my doggie.  Sometimes she just lays on the steps because I plush them up.  I measure out the batting and then put extra layers on the steps.  I secure all the batting in place with string or yarn.

Note the stair steps have more layers than the rest of the stairs.

Now that I have the padding on I measure the stairs for the fabric.  I cut the fabric and pin it right side down.  I decided to add trim to these stairs as my ottoman is very fancy but let me say.. trim is not easy on a non standard shape.  It took some editing and hand sewing to make sure I had it all tight.    Once you get it all pinned baste.. cut slits in angles for the steps outside the stitches to help the fold.  Turn fabric right side and check fit.  Basting is easy to remove if you have any mistakes.

Pinning the fabric to the shape of the stairs.

Once you have the fit right… sew one more time with your finishing stitch.  I then add a 4 inch border around the bottom of the stairs and create a threadable hem to insert string or elastic.  I want to be able to remove the cover for washing but I want it to stay secure on the stairs.  This hem and elastic is under the stairs and does not show.

The final product…


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