About me

Sew, Embroider, Design, Craft, Knit – I love it all!

I’ve been sewing as long as I can remember.  I loved making clothes for my dolls when I was little, then as I got older I loved making things for myself, then my kids and puppies and someday my grandchildren.  It’s a long-standing tradition in our family as we have seamstresses throughout our family tree.  My grandma and mom were my biggest inspirations and teachers for sewing.  Grandma was never afraid to try anything, to this day she still sews and we just celebrated her 90th birthday.  My mom was much more the technician.  She was always very good at math and was very precise in her sewing technique. Stasia Sews Put both of those things together and you have me – a fearless, creative, technician – but I truly owe it to both of them.

Here is an early pic of me sewing at my Grandma’s.  She is such an inspiration to me and still helps me figure out projects to this day!

I’ve improved my technique since then but love to explore new methods, tools and projects. I work through each project trying to incorporate new techniques, some new capability on my sewing machine or use a fabric in a new innovative way.  I’m always trying some new things.  My son said the other day – mom I only really hear you swear when you are in the sewing room (lol).  Yes its true, I confess – it doesn’t always go as planned and I stick myself with pins regularly.  However, with each mistake or failure – I learn.

I also have a passion for fabrics and design.  I have quite the fabric stash and collection of patterns.  I’m always at the fabric store or shopping online to find something new and interesting to add to the collection.  Soon I’ll be excited to have my own designs to create some wonderful new projects with.  My first Fabric Collection is in the works and I can’t wait to share it with you!

Finally, you will likely see examples of a lot of different types of projects as I love Maggie and Johnnymaking things to wear, things for my home and things for my cherished rescue pets.  Maggie and Johnny are my regular models for new puppy clothes and accessories and are often found sitting in my sewing room as I work.  They are not cold weather friendly and love wearing new creations.  We are still working on the training to not shred pattern pieces that fall on the floor – but nobody is perfect.

This blog will be my creative outlet and journal to share things I’m working on, create fun sew along projects to work on together and offer you all new techniques, patterns and projects to consider for your own creative works.

I’d love to hear about your projects and get feedback on mine!  Please feel free to comment and share!



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